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Welcome to BumpaDeals, your trusted online building and plumbing partner!

Starting a new building project doesn't need to be daunting. Our product pages have almost everything you need to kick start your building project from your Bathroom Materials to your entire system water works. We partner with contractors and estate managers for a hassle-free building process.
Relax and let the Bumpadeals team help you make your dream house beautifully simple.

Our core Value:

  • Integrity to us at Bumpadeals means delivering on promises and exceeding expectations. Integrity means living the Bumpadeals brand.
  • We are professional, honest and transparent in our transactions and we personalize the services we deliver.
  • People who live by our brand will not win at all cost but operate with the highest ethical standards no matter what.

BumpaDeals also offers Expert Installation services, because we know that Finding professional technicians can be stressful which is why we offer our very own installation service, available nationwide.

We aim to make your project as hassle free as possible, minimizing disruption, organizing all the trades, the timings and deliveries for you. Trust Bumpadeals to install your dream bathroom and water works.


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