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Many Nigerian children are languishing at the bottom of an international league table examining the physical and emotional well-being of youngsters in supposed Africa’s wealthiest nation. Despite living in what is believed to be the richest country in Africa, the next generations of Nigerian citizens experience some of the worst levels of poverty. A research found they regard themselves as less happy, and that they rebel against their guardians by taking to drugs, drinking and missing classes in school. They were also more prone to failure at school, to experience violence and bullying while suffering a greater number of unhappy relationships with both their peers and the larger society.

Also clean and safe water which is essential to a child’s diet is not available in most states in the country. There are many water pumps that have been overgrown with wild grasses or some that have tainted by disease like cholera due to partial or total neglect.

At Bumpadeals, we believe a child must experience the consistent and ongoing care by a loving, nurturing and a caring society and government. To her, the security and support that the society and government can provide gives a child the self-confidence and resiliency to cope effectively with any difficult situation in life.

Bumpadeals is dedicated to give 5% of every yield for the month to the welfare of the Nigerian Child through the BumpaFoundation. We want all our customers to be part of this process. Every purchase on bumpadealsmakes you eligibleto vote for your choice of charity home, public school or special child’s need for that month. The charity home, public school or child’s need with the highest number of vote gets the foundation’s 5% grant. This grant will come in the form of providing Educational Materials or safe drinking water.

  • Our Mission
    To provide the Nigeria child who are the future leaders, a platform to succeed through a basic and quality education. To give the Nigeria child a reason to live and be healthy through the provision of portable, clean and safe drinking water
  • Our Philosophy
    We believe that good health and education can move a child beyond the stigma of poverty, and give that child the veritable tools to reach his or her true potentials.
  • Our Purpose
    BumpaFoundation focuses on the welfare of children and other social services meant for children, to provide basic necessities to children living in poverty by providing access to education and clean portable drinking water. BumpaFoundation hopes to eliminate child illiteracy and teenage drop outs.