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Online Payments


Many people have phobia for ONLINE PAYMENT. Please read the following:

  • We don't process your CARD DETAILS. Notice that you are redirected to Interswitch's main Gateway through VoguePay.
  • Interswitch is Nigeria's ATM Gateway Provider, same as our Banks' ATM and POS.
  • Interswitch processes your CARD DETAILS not BumpaDeals, we are only linked to them on transactions.

More Security:

  • Interswitch is on https and not http. (This means everything you do on the website is encrypted and cannot be intercepted by third party)
  • You supply your information through ONSCREEN KEYBOARD, similar to ATM KEYPADS.
  • Transaction Details are automatically submitted to your BANK. You will afterwards receive alert from your BANK if you've enabled the service with them.